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We are delighted to see more auction houses returning, some even with viewing facilities, though actual sales remain online. Anyway here are a few catalogues for you to look at!

BREAKING NEWS – do you remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? If so Hansons are selling the version of her used in the stage musical on the 10th of July, along with the version found in the scrapyard scene. There are 40 odd lots of assorted props, two beach huts, sheds to enhance your garden, fake sweets from the factory, golden chairs, the characters beds etc. Have a look at

UPDATED 8th JULY : Originally we said that this had nothing to do with cards BUT Chitty Chitty Bang Bang appeared on lots of cards including a complete SET issued by Scanlens in Australia. Several of the cards can be seen at – and look at how they have put the card number on her radiator! Closer to home, in 1971, Primrose Confectionery also issued a set of trade cards, eBay has a few – but their links are awful, just too long to type in. Its always quicker to say just click HERE

And if you are curious of where the film version is now, check this out – What I would like to know is why this person wanted it, there must be a fascinating back story …

also on the 10th of July, in Scarborough, check out David Duggleby Auctions –

Greetings to everyone in Ireland. We have not been to Mullens – Laurel Park before so it is great to feature you and your sale on the 11th. Its their Collectors Cabinet Sale. The card lots are HERE on page 6 but the entire catalogue can be viewed at

thats it! I`m off to start perusing a few more catalogues ….

Don’t forget, if you spot cards or cartophilic items in any non card specialist auction catalogues you receive, or have any tales to tell about any unusual lots you buy, please contact us HERE

If you are currently “fishing” for cards, tell us – we will list them here

send us your wants lists (or reply to posted lists) using our contact form – found by clicking HERE let’s start with :

African Tobacco Manufacturers : Postage Stamps Rarest Varieties – anyone willing to make a checklist of all 100 cards ?

wanted – a range of modern Everton cards. Check the whole list at After Everton

looking for a Kelloggs 3D animal series card, ‘crocodile’ a fairly modern card, about 1970.

Although I’m after various other odds, this one seems to be the longest
outstanding card i need to complete my set.

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4 July

The News of Our World    Today is Derby Day, one of the classic races of the year.  Many cigarette and trade cards celebrate the so called Sport of Kings,  whether they show racehorses, jockeys, trainers, owners col