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Our Annual Card Convention

Our Annual Card Convention

Last Updated : 14 June 2020 @ 12.22 pm

Many thanks to our collector pals who have amazingly now supplied enough links to give each of our Conventions a spin off website for you to go and browse around – and some years even two.

Also thanks for taking us right back to 1995.

Now if any of you know of any other websites relating to our conventions, or to any press releases, or you can get us even further back in time, please get in touch by clicking HERE

Here we are at Eastbourne, in 2004

Every year we visit a different part of this wonderful country, so there will eventually be one in your area, and if you would like to suggest anywhere please do. Our one stipulation is that all our venues have excellent travel links for cars, bikes, and public transport, and also maybe an airport because, we are delighted to report, several collectors fly in from overseas just to attend.

Years ago these events were very much just an Annual General Meeting, where we approved accounts, elected honorary councillors, and representatives from each of our branches stepped up and gave reports on what was happening with card collecting in their area. In the main hall, there were some stands of cards for sale – but when the AGM was on, the selling at those usually ceased. Nowadays the event is a real EVENT, and its based much more around the dealing and card trading than it is the AGM, though that does still take place on the Saturday afternoon.

While Society members get in free, and can browse and buy for longer, non members simply need to arrive a bit later, pay an admission fee, and then they too can go in enjoy the delights. These include leading national and local dealers, as well as private collectors taking a stall to sell their duplicates, just for that one weekend – so there are thousands of vintage and modern cards, from completed sets, to part sets, odds and types – and all manner of card storage options like card safe modern albums and wall display frames – plus other collectables like these….

just one of the wonderful advertising models issued by manufacturers
A super collection could be made of advertising playing cards
Topps (1974) ‘Comic Book Heroes – Stickers’ (wrapper / packet)
An amazing Ogden’s discovery

Now this event also allows for local collectors to meet the team who run their local branch. And, should our visitors want to join that branch, or indeed the Society, we have all the information needed.

These days a common concern to all branches is attracting and keeping the interest of new and younger members who do not see many, if any, cards in their day to day lives. So in 2019 we had our inaugural “swap area”, specifically designed for younger collectors of Match Attax, Adrenalyn and Pokémon cards. As it was such a great success we intend to make it a regular fixture at future events.

A typical Panini packet, unopened, to raise the “Adrenalyn” perhaps..
Nintendo (2014) ‘Pokemon XY – Flashfire’

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