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The society has a long history of research into cigarette cards and as a result we have produced (and continue to produce) a wide range of reference materials for the hobby. You’ll see on this site that we’ve listed some of the reference books we have for sale and we have other projects due to complete soon so watch this space! We also regularly publish updates to the World Tobacco Index and Trade Index that are available to anyone to download free of charge from the publications page.

The World Index lists all known issuers of cigarette cards from around the world and offers a full list of known sets by that company. As well as providing a Burdick and World Index number we also give full checklists in the Tobacco Handbook for several series that are unnumbered and if you want to check on a particular series before you buy just get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re getting the right book for your needs. As we are not a commercial organisation, the only area that we do not cover is pricing. However, we would recommend the Murray’s Guide to anyone collecting cigarette or trade cards but stress that it is only a guide and prices can and do vary at auction.

As well as producing our own books we have an extensive library available to members that covers tobacco and trade cards from around the world and spans both sport and non-sport themes. A handful of these books are only available to view on site given their scarcity and value but the majority can be posted out to members for a mutually agreed period of time. Details on what is available to borrow and how you go about borrowing are available on the library page. And to reach that just click HERE

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