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Online Overseas Subscription – Click for details

Online Overseas Subscription – Click for details

A dilemma. Imagine you are, or know a card collector who lives outside the UK, who would be really interested to join us, were it not for the high cost of the overseas subscription? 

If only there was a way to reduce this cost.

And now there is! 

Because it is the cost of posting our magazines by airmail that makes this membership so expensive. And we can now offer an electronic overseas subscription….. 

….with which, you can still:

  • Bid in the auctions, with no buyer’s premium
  • Buy reference books, at reduced member’s prices
  • gain free (and earlier) admission to annual convention, should you feel like travelling over 
  • place free magazine advertisements for your wants and spares

In short, its exactly the same as being a full member, except for the fact that your magazine will arrive electronically and will be viewed on a screen, not held in your hands. 

Just get in touch with our membership secretary if you’re interested on and he’ll work with you to set up your account.

We are working to build an online payment portal but whilst we develop this you can still pay via paypal to  Join now and we will send you all of the year’s copies to date!

If you have already paid your overseas subscription and wish to change to the electronic format, then just let us know and we will hold the difference to your credit to put against next year’s amount.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

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