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BDV Series 30 "Preston" Arms

BDV Series 30 “Preston” Arms


Stephen Waring

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Our meetings take place once a month, running from 4 – 8 pm; they are held at Barton Village Hall, Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5HE. Barton Village Hall is an excellent venue, a modern building in a very attractive setting with lots of parking on site.

In fact it’s frequently used for antique related events, and an Antiques & Collectors Fair is held here fortnightly on Sundays, starting at 9.30am. Have any of you ever found any cards there? If so, drop us a line!

Our branch meetings are known for having a friendly relaxed atmosphere and excellent refreshments are available as well.

In all it is a really thriving branch, which seems extremely well established. So you might be surprised to learn that this is not our original North West Branch. That closed in about 1980, or rather was absorbed into the Timperley Club. In turn, that club would become incorporated within the Cheshire Branch. But card collecting still flourished in this area, and after almost 30 years, forward stepped Dennis Williams, a member of our Winchester Branch who had newly relocated to the area. With his inspiration breathing new life into dreams of a proper North West Branch, one started to take shape and it rose again in October 2010, when many local dealers and members attended the inaugural meeting. Sadly the brilliant start would peter out due to difficulties with venues and meeting times, and membership slowly declined. Dennis Williams died a few years later. But his dreams remained, and we are sure he heartily approved when our current Branch Secretary took the reins in 2012.

And now we are ensconced in our current home, with lots of member involvement in the running of the club, and a growing membership of all ages. To which we would definitely welcome any local current or budding card collectors. So if you reside in the North West, or are planning a holiday in the area some time this year, why not pop along to our next meeting and meet us! 

[Our featured card is a silk, one of the Town Arms, issued by BDV in 1918. The Lamb is the Lamb of St. Wilfrid, Patron Saint of Preston. There are two letters “P.P.” which locals believe stand for “Proud Preston”. Sadly that is not the case, as the original arms had three “P”s, and when the coat of arms was modernised, one was removed to make it balance better; at the same time the lamb was changed to a laying down position rather than a standing one. The same lamb, but with a cross, is actually used on the Preston North End Football Club badge – and you might not know that that football club was originally a cricket club!]

And many thanks to “Captain Bob” for his assistance!


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