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John Sinclair “Footballers of the North East” No.44

Secretary: Tony Coddington
Tel: 0191 2854116



To all our club members and visitors, may we send our hopes that you and your families keep safe in these current times.  

Many of our collectors are from the Gateshead area. Despite this close proximity, we may not be able to meet in person for some time, but we are certain that one day we will. We have built up a great camaraderie in the times we have shared and may you all be heartened and gain strength with thoughts of the cards you have found, the friends you have made, and the fun you have had at our regular meetings. 


 Our Story …..βœ’οΈ

We spent many years using the Gateshead Civic Centre as a meeting place. Then we moved to the Dunston U.T.S. Stadium, Wellington Road, Dunston, Gateshead, NE11 9JL. There is actually a very interesting webpage about Dunston U.T.S., not only a good read, but it also includes directions on how to reach the stadium by road and public transport.  

Our meetings have always alternated between meetings with a visiting dealer, and what we call an ordinary meeting, which has no dealer. The latter are more of a get together, and we used the time to discuss recent meetings, plan for future ones, talk about the local collecting scene, and mull over any feedback from the last few meetings. They were also a good chance to have a bit of a chat, without worrying someone is over at a dealer’s table buying the card you really wanted

We have had a number of dealers stalling out with us over the years who are always pleased to come back; but then it has always been our aim to make them happy when they come to us. All of them travel a fair distance, and it is heartening to hear our branch is held in such good regard by them, also good that our visiting collectors make it worth their while to come along, and keep coming back.

Before meetings were cancelled we had established a pattern of four regular dealers per year, these being: 

Sean Clover – who comes over from Rochdale, and is fairly new to the card scene over our area, though you may also know him from the Durham Postcard, Cigarette Card and Stamp Fair. He took the slot vacated by John Shaw, who was cutting back on his travelling. 

Sean may not have a huge stock, but his condition is really good and he often comes with  unusual sets, including this one of Peninsular β€˜Hindu Gods’ in really lovely condition, snapped up by a delighted buyer recently. 

Paul Lynch – has been settling in nicely for a few years and has a regular September spot. You probably know him from Nottingham Albums and Cards; he is a dealer in all kinds of collectable cards and intriguing ephemera, and also producer of the new generation of the Murray Card Values. On which note, the brand NEW edition of this work will be launched in April 2020; it will be a special volume to mark the 50th Anniversary of the original publication. For more details, check out his website at :

Mike Heard – of Derby, with his amazing stock of cards, and vast knowledge of football; you may know him from the Durham Postcard, Cigarette Card and Stamp Fair as well, but you may not know he has been attending our meetings for almost 30 years! He was definitely our first β€œregular” dealer, and we are very delighted to hear he would be prepared to come more than once a year if we got stuck for any reason.

John Vardon – has paid us a few visits and looks forward to coming along with his lovely wife. They come all the way over from Cumbria, a fair hike for him, but he always has good sales and enjoys chatting about cards with our visitors, which makes it worth his while.

I said to John Vardon after a recent meeting that we have never had a disappointed dealer. This is probably because although we are a small club, we do concentrate on buying during the evening, and also we do not have several dealers in at the same time to share a collectors funds, nor members selling their own cards in competition with the dealer. Things that are all nice to know. Other dealers have shown an interest in coming, but we do not want to change things at the moment as the four seems to work for us.

Kinney “Great American Trotters” (USA)

All our dealers bring an excellent mixture of cards of all values; plus overseas issues turn up on a regular basis.

Just look at some of the other finds that have been snapped up at our meetings during 2019

Ogden`s “Heroes of the V.C.”

R.C. Brown “Capadura Cigars” advertising card (USA)










Many of our branch members also used to be seen at the Bass Rock Quarterly Postcard, Cigarette Card and Stamp Fairs held at Durham County Hall. Their next fair was to be July 18th – let’s hope this will still take place, and that we will meet all our friends there..


Our featured local card is number 44 of John Sinclair`s “Well Known Footballers”.  The front, right up at the top of this page, shows the Gateshead Full Back Angus Livingstone. These cards are very unusual, with their actual, large photographic heads and drawn, cartoon style bodies. Two sets were actually issued – “North Eastern Counties” and  “Scottish”. Both sets look very similar so if you are buying odds always check you have the right set – and how to tell this is to look on the reverse of the card, shown here, where at the base, rising above the block with the company name, is a small white ribboned banner that gives the series title. 

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