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Card World Vol. 43 No. 5 Sept/Oct 2019

Card World Vol. 43 No. 5 Sept/Oct 2019

Although his views on the British Empire may be looked upon as somewhat old-fashioned these days, Rudyard Kipling is still considered to be one of Britain’s finest writers and poets.

The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907, he is pictured on a card from the 1937 Wix (Kensitas) set Builders of the Empire (Card 1) issued soon after his death. His works have over the years captured the imagination of both adults and children and several of them have resulted in successful film adaptations.

In addition. there is a connection (albeit tenuous) between the great man of letters and the other Mr Kipling of “exceedingly good cakes” fame (seriously!).

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