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Online Overseas Subscription – Click for details

A dilemma. Imagine you are, or know a card collector who lives outside the UK, who would be really interested to join us, were it not for the high cost of the overseas subscription?  If only there was a way to reduce this cost. And now there is!  Because it is the cost of posting our magazines by airmail that makes this membership so expensive. And we can now offer an electronic overseas subscription.....  ....with which, you can still: Bid in the auctions, with no buyer’s prem

Tim Davidson Auctions

have uploaded their next "Type List" at Please do take a look and bid sportingly. Few auctions are running, so we must reward those who are.

Our Current Postal Auction

Although the Convention has been postponed, the auction will still go ahead with the same finish date of 1st May. Unless there are more lockdown restrictions imposed I am aiming to send lots out to winning bidders on or about 6th May. Of course the most important thing is for everyone to follow the government guidelines. So please stay safe and keep well, let’s hope that this wretched virus clears up soon. And so on to the highlights this time. There are 4 Goodbody Boer War Celebrities CAG

St Patrick’s Day greetings

This early American pasteboard representation, part of a set of "Holidays", is a charming way to pass on our St Patrick's Day greetings to collectors worldwide. It has endured two World Wars, and many other historical events of a worrisome nature, and yet it remains intact, its colours still shine bright and its message remains true. Though this year actual celebrations may be muted across the globe, there is no reason to stay silent. A cheery e-card, or phone call can also bring you close to

Pancake Day (click card for full article)

This trade card celebrates the Olney race. It has been run in the Buckingham Town every year since 1445. The participants run with a pancake in a frying pan and must flip it at the start and end. Men are also allowed to compete, but also have to wear a scarf and an apron.  There are lots of other pancake races all over the UK today, we note there is a very famous one in Salisbury. Perhaps we should have entered a team for a spot of extra P.R. about the forthcoming convention? Handed out

Valentines Day

We cant let this day go by without some cartophilic commemoration. After all it is the date that our feathered friends traditionally choose their mates. So why not! The vintage image we choose as our featured card is a reminder of how times change, all the things appearing on that table now fit on your smart phone. We are not sure it is really any smarter, and it's certainly less romantic than these lovely antique desk accessories.  There are many cards to do with Valentines Day and we will