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Online Overseas Subscription – Click for details

A dilemma. Imagine you are, or know a card collector who lives outside the UK, who would be really interested to join us, were it not for the high cost of the overseas subscription?  If only there was a way to reduce this cost. And now there is!  Because it is the cost of posting our magazines by airmail that makes this membership so expensive. And we can now offer an electronic overseas subscription.....  ....with which, you can still: Bid in the auctions, with no buyer’s prem


No of course it's not too early. In fact it's never too early to mention the most exciting type of Christmas Cards.  So if your club is joining in with any kind of Christmas festivities don't be shy, tell us and we will add the details here! In fact if you check the calendar HERE you will see the Christmas events have a rather nifty new emoji ! Cadbury`s Sports Series So let's start with KENT - on the 14 December, the doors open at 10am and close at 4 pm, lots of cards wit

Our first 2020 meeting dates are up!

The winners are Reading Club - who have announced their first two next year`s dates already. These are: JANUARY 9th, 2020 and JANUARY 28th 2020 For full details visit

CSGB October 2019 Auction – Now accepting bids

Anyone want to buy a large cricket collection. Only joking! That is what I wrote on the Saturday afternoon of the 3rd Ashes Test. As you will know, England managed a magnificent 67 all out in their 1st innings, with only Root and Bairstow out to good deliveries, the rest just threw their wickets away. What on earth was Ben Stokes doing, playing at such a wide ball when England were 30 odd for 3! I am a great fan of Stokes, but that was plain stupidity! I know I said previously that I would not

New Handbook of Felts & Leathers – Available Now!

The Handbook is divided into two parts and provides comprehensive listings and illustrations of known ‘Felt’ and ‘Leather’ Designs issued by Tobacco and Trading Companies in North America, Canada & Great Britain between 1910 and 1915. Part 1 relates to the ‘Felt’ issues with 46 pages, including 20 pages of 450 coloured illustrations, and Part 2 the ‘Leather’ Issues, with 28 pages, including over 60 illustrations. The miniature ‘Flannels’, ‘Blankets ‘ and ‘Rug


We encourage all card and ephemera collectors to attend our Annual Conventions. Every year we visit a different part of this country so there will eventually be one in your county area; though we do ensure that all our venues have excellent travel links for cars, bikes, and public transport. And we are delighted to report that several members fly in from overseas just to attend. The conventions usually take place on a Saturday and Sunday, though this year, due to a last minute venue change