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New Silks Book now available

New Silks Book now available

This book is an attempt to provide a historic record of a very large comprehensive selection of the embroidered silk and lace designs, issued in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s by Tobacco & Trading Companies in Holland, Germany and South Africa.

Additionally, it provides a comprehensive listing of the single set of ‘leathers’ issued by a Tobacco Company in Germany in 1936.

It contains 273 pages with over 7,100 colour illustrations of individual designs, including other aspects relating to their issue, advertisements, insert tokens and packets etc.

The designs cover a wide range of subjects including flowers, birds, butterflies, animals, figures, military dress, scenes, cartoon characters, art deco, geometric and other miscellaneous features.

The illustrations include many large and beautiful embroidered silk premium issues that are extremely scarce and difficult to find.

The book is divided into four sections namely the Dutch Issues, German Issues, South African Issues and the German Leather Issues.

The coloured illustrations are subdivided into groups and are scaled to size.

It is very fortunate that so many of these designs have survived to this day bearing in mind their original purpose, to decorate clothing and household items, and the intervening World War.

The issue, collection and recording of these designs play a small but interesting part in the world of Cartophily.

This fascinating book made its first appearance at the 2018 Cartophilic Convention in Kings Lynn. And now we proudly announce it is available for sale online at:

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