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Member Benefits

Although this website is reasonably new, the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain has been running continuously for nearly a century!

You can read all about the history of the society by clicking here.

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There are many benefits to joining the society but here are just a few:

  • We make it easy for collectors in this country and overseas to come together to share information, contribute to research, and to chat about cards

  • We have local branches and clubs throughout the UK and overseas who host regular meetings, fairs and auctions

  • We produce a huge range of reference works, detailing all known tobacco issues and UK trade cards; these invaluable volumes are sold worldwide, and our members can buy them at discounted prices.

  • We maintain a fantastic library of these books, along with magazines, and papers relating to cards, which our members are allowed to borrow.

  • We publish a regular bi-monthly, printed, colour A5 size magazine, just for our members.

  • We invite all our members to write articles about their cards, and hold an annual competition to select the best, the writer of whom wins “The Cartophilic Cup”

  • We host a huge annual card fair, which moves around England on a regular basis. Our members can attend this free of charge, whilst the general public have to pay an admission fee. Also our members can go in earlier than the general public)

  • We have a bi-monthly card auction, with no buyers premiums for members

Every card collector, regardless of whereabouts in the world you are, is welcome to join the Society. Recently, realising that postage is growing ever more expensive, we have started to offer worldwide subscriptions online. It is too early to say if it will be extended to UK members, but we welcome your opinions. You can read more about this scheme here: 

By joining Our Society, You will certainly get more pleasure from Your hobby.

And with Your help, the work of Our Society will continue, to the benefit of ALL who appreciate cards, now and forever.

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