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May the Fourth

May the Fourth

Be with you ….of course. It’s Star Wars Day. And what better way to celebrate than with breaking news. So click HERE to read it. Your webspinner is a big Star Wars Fan, and saw the original film at the Odeon in Marble Arch, London; as well as being at The Dominion in Tottenham Court Road on the night that saw the original “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back” being played one after the other, then “The Return of the Jedi” starting at midnight, which was the earliest time that third film could legally be shown in the UK.

Because the first film was such a hit, it was seized upon as a good way to sell other products, and of course many cards were produced. Likewise, the two sequels. Then there was a gap between the original trio and the next film in the series (although strangely films four to six showed events from before the time shown in films one two and three).

And now Star Wars is tied in with Disney, they are making spin off series and of course theme park attractions, so the one thing you can expect is that there will be more collectable Star Wars cards. And other items too, like gum wrappers or packets of stickers. They may be worth more unopened, but who can resist!

And some of us also collect packets like these crisps, which originally contained Star Wars Tazos, plus offered a range of bonus prizes

They may be from a galaxy far far away, but Star Wars has filled our universe. And long may it continue.

Until next Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you all…..

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