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Lincolnshire Branch

Lincolnshire Branch

Branch Secretary: David Scuffham


We have been a branch for over twenty years and have over eighty members.

The current world-wide situation has temporarily closed our branch but not put paid to our fun. 

So while we work on converting ourselves into a virtual branch for the time being, we thought you might like to read a bit about our story.

For many years we met once a month at the “Ruddy Duck”, a popular restaurant and Freehouse in Great Fen Road, and we liked it so much we stayed on after the new proprietors changed the name to “Merrimans Lounge and Restaurant” in March 2008. 

Mind you some of our members even remember this building as “The Aero Club”, a name which originated from its proximity to what is now the home `drome of The Boston Aero Club, but was already an airfield when Sir Alan Cobham based there in the 1930s. We celebrate him with this super card, Carreras “Popular Personalities (Ovals), card number 18. Also look out for the album for ‘A Day on the Airway’, issued by Sarony, as it has a foreword by him; and the cards are very attractive too, showing a flight from Croydon to Amsterdam. 

Our meeting on October 6th 2018 marked a change to this, as it was the first to take place at our brand new home, this being The Rugby Club, actually part of The Princess Royal Sports Arena in Boston, very close to our former home – in fact it was the next building on the left! Has any Cartophilic Branch re-located closer? However nothing else changed, all our meetings still started at 10 am, they still regularly featured at least one visiting dealer, with a range of cards, binders and pages, and we also continued to host our very popular auctions. This was not a long term move, and a short time after setting up, we moved again, this time to The Kirton Leisure Centre.

Our featured card [at the top of this page] is from the John Player`s 1914 issued Un-numbered series, “Counties and their Industries”, showing a typical rural scene of the time with inset map. It’s a most attractive set! 

Beaulah Advert Card

For our featured local manufacturer, we are spotlighting the trade cards of J & J Beaulah, of Boston Lincolnshire. During World War Two their factory had joined many others in forsaking their own brands for feeding the nation, and producing `wartime standard` tinned goods including “Blitz Soup”. After the war, and after rationing had finally come to an end, they returned once more to producing their own range of tinned fruit and vegetables, and started issuing cards. They did this in what may seem a rather odd way, as you swapped the labels from the cans for the cards – if you find an original one of their special slot in albums album, look to the back where it says “These can cards are issued in various sets of general interest. Sets may be obtained by collecting labels from Beaulah’s Canned Fruits, Vegetables, etc. See full instructions on can labels.” This explains why the covers of those albums display the large front wording of “CAN CARDS”.

Look out for their very attractive standard sized single issue advertising card, as shown, which shows the Boston Stump, a local landmark, and their Seal of Quality trade mark; this card is often called “Boston Stump” or “Boston Stump Card” in dealers catalogues. You may not know that the words BOSTON STUMP printed within the seal on the card can be found in either blue or in black. It does not alter the value, but its another extra type card for the collector to find.

And they also issued three sets of proper trade cards – a set of 25 cards of “Coronation Series” in 1953, and two sets each of 24 cards, “Modern British Aircraft” also issued in 1953, and “Marvels of the World” issued in 1954.

Beaulah “Coronation Series”
Beaulah “Modern British Aircraft”
Beaulah Marvels of the World No.6 – Armchair Lift

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