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Leicester Branch

 number 22 of Ogdens "A.F.C. Nicknames"

number 22 of Ogdens “A.F.C. Nicknames”

Secretary: John Shaw

We meet on the second Monday of every month at The Fairfield Inn, Gloucester Crescent, South Wigston, Leicester LE18 4YE.. This is an excellent “local” with parking, including disabled parking and wheelchair access. It also has an ATM (very important on fair days!)

We were founded by Max Handsley, 


We have selected two Leicester card issuers for you.

Goddard “Cleaning a Silver Teapot”

Firstly, J. Goddard & Sons, Station Street, Leicester, Silver and Silver-Plate cleaning powder manufacturers; though you will find them downgraded in most dealer catalogues as simply making “metal polish”. These issued several very attractive large size sets of cards, unsurprisingly mostly dealing with antique silver and silver-plated wares.
These were:
“Old Silver” (a set of 12 cards with attractive red backgrounds, issued  1924) – 
“Use and Cleaning of Silverware” (first series issued 1926, if 2 cards can be called a series – plus a second series of 6 cards issued 1937) – 
“Cleaning a Silver Teapot” 1928, 4 very unusual cards in black and white showing a maid cleaning a teapot then looking at it finished –
“Silverware with Flowers” first set of 4 cards issued in 1930, second set of 8 cards issued in 1933 –
“Old Silver at the Victoria and Albert Museum” 1933, a set of 9 cards –
and – “Present Day Silverware”, 1937, a set of 12.

Goddards “Ports of the World”

Apart from these, they also issued “Four Generations” in 1925, a set of 3 attractive cards with human figures in costume; and four sets of views each of 12 cards, namely “London Views”, 1925, buildings vignetted on to white backgrounds – “Ports of the World”, 1928, attractive coloured cards as shown – “Views of Old Leicester”, again 1928 – and – “Views of Leicester”, 1934.

walkers tazo

Another, more recent local issuer is Walkers Crisps. The company actually started in the 1880s as butchers, and  first made crisps in 1948. Their first set of 52 Tazos appeared in crisp packets during 1996, characters from Warner Brothers “Looney Tunes” cartoons. This was a huge hit with their target audience, and was almost immediately followed by a set of 20 World Tazos, which can be mistaken as part of the first set as the same characters appear, but this time they are dressed as World historical figures. A set of 30 Monster Munch Tazos were also issued that same year. Star Wars Tazos appeared in 1997 ( Trilogy) and 1999 (Phantom Menace); when their packaging went inter-galactic, check out the one we show with C-3PO! There are so many variants on the Star Wars packaging that it takes experts to sort them out, we advise you go and visit the guys who run – an amazing site which deals with all manner of pogs, tazos, and other milk-cap-iana and its just packed with facts! Walkers also issued scratch off Star Wars game cards, in 1999 with a bottom border giving the character’s name, the words “cant resist”, and what they cant resist! And you’ll find a listing of those on the same website!

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