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July Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Now Accepting Bids

July Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Now Accepting Bids

Thank you to those who sent stamps for the next 4 auctions. We don’t have all the expenses of the Auction Houses, but a contribution is helpful. But we don’t hang around – Keith got through our 350 lots for April in a record 59 minutes! Not bad, especially when you think that with the Internet, bidding is about 120 lots an hours. At least no time to get bored.

‘The collection’ this time is listed at Lots 18–55. Not so much expensive material, but still some difficult to find offerings. Lot 39 features a set of Wills Beauties, P/C Inset, brown back, now catalogued at £1100, and the Kinney set at Lot 42 is by no means easy to acquire. Lots 96-115 are again offered at a low reserve – still doing my best to assist one of our older members to sell some of his collection. There are four more Kuit, Principal Streets (which appear to be very popular). At Lots 281-306, we have the second batch of VG-EX single cards from another vendor – two more batches to come. Lastly, how about the footballers at Lots 311 to 318, including 3 from the very scarce Singleton and Cole Series – not often seen!

As most know, the revised ‘Murray’ Price List was on sale at the Convention, and it is clear to me that Paul Lynch has done a thorough job of revising prices, both upwards (particularly some sport issues), but also, for the first time, downwards. From this auction therefore, any Catalogue prices listed will be from this volume

Happy bidding


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