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July Hants and Surrey Branch Auction – Prices Realised

July Hants and Surrey Branch Auction – Prices Realised

As many of you will know; the bidding has now concluded on the July H&S auction and Vernon has kindly provided us with a summary of the prices realised which you can view below in full.

The auction was well attended with 29 lots selling to bidders in the room. Some of the higher prices achieved in this auction were for scarcer earlier sets as you would expect with Salmon & Gluckstein’s ‘Traditions of the Army and Navy’ (£195), Wills ‘Beauties P/C inset’ (£415) and Kinney’s ‘Famous Running Horses (£460) achieving great results.

Make no mistake though – there were bargains to be had! Franklyn Davey’s ‘Hunting’ (set) (£10), Rutters Comic Phrases (types) (£12/£13), Taddy’s ‘Admirals & Generals’ (scarce no. 18) (£60); Newbigin Actresses (type) (£32) –  in fact the types section of the auction yielded fair prices in the main and is definitely worth a look in future if you missed this auction.

In a world where eBay is king for many collectors I would strongly urge those in the area to visit one of our branch auctions. Not only is there a good array of cards available but you’ll also get to meet and talk to other collectors. I know I’ve learned a great deal (and bought a great deal!) from the people I’ve met at these events so what are you waiting for!? Just check our branch meeting dates and visit a venue near you!

Prices Realised – July

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