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Welcome to the Card-World Web

Although this website is new, we, the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, have many years of history behind us, which you can read of in our archive. Now if you look at that word “archive” it’s underlined, blue, and bold. It’s a link. If you spot one, click on it, and you’ll be whirled to another page! But remember to come back!

So here we are, in the 21st Century, and look, we are now online !
But who are we, and what do we do?
Well, we…

  • encourage collectors to come together to share information and to chat about cards
  • have the World’s largest card database, if you count all of the cards owned by all of our members
  • have a wide range of printed, world famous, reference books for sale, covering all kinds of cards
  • maintain a fantastic library of books, magazines, and papers, which members can borrow
  • produce a bi-monthly, printed, colour A5 size magazine, full of articles written by our members
  • encourage members to contribute card-related articles for that magazine and this website
  • hold an annual competition for the best article written in that year (“The Cartophilic Cup”)
  • hold a regular members-only postal auction
  • have local branches and clubs throughout the UK who host regular meetings, fairs and auctions
  • maintain links and share research with card collectors overseas
  • host a huge annual card fair, which roams around England so that local collectors can visit every few years    (but always in places with excellent transport links. Overseas members frequently fly in to attend.)
  • endeavour to publicise dates of all card related auctions, fairs, and goings on, country-wide
  • are building an online pictorial gallery of cards, listed alphabetically by issuer
  • have an online forum where anyone (not just members) can ask card related questions or ask advice

Every card collector, world-wide, is welcome to join the Society
By joining, you will certainly get more pleasure from your hobby
With your help, the work of the Society will continue, to the benefit of all who appreciate cards.

Younger members are definitely welcomed –
those new issues YOU collect should be recorded for generations yet to come.

We aim to upload something for everyone who loves cards.
But if something you collect is missing, please tell us!


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