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Hants & Surrey July Cigarette Card Auction

Hants & Surrey July Cigarette Card Auction

The time has come once again for another Hants and Surrey Cigarette Card auction and after such great selection of lots for the last auction (including the £7,000 Marsuma Golfers!) Vernon has managed to pull together yet another great auction with something for everyone.

This month we have lots from Taddy, Dukes, Allen and Ginter, Kinney, Mayo, Clarkes, Edwards, Ringer and Bigg and many many more – the list really needs to be looked through to be appreciated!

For the Golf collectors there are some Guinea Golds including a Hall of Fame duo – Vardon vs. Braid and the Leslie Balfour card pictured above. Cricket collectors will be pleased to see cards by Smith’s, Ogdens and Pattrieouex among others with a particularly nice card featuring Lord Hawke (see Lot 221). For the boxing collectors there is a lovely set of Ogden’s ‘Pugilists and Wrestlers (2nd Series) and a set of Copes ‘Boxers 101 – 125’!

Other great lots include Taddy ‘V.C. Heroes – Boer War 41-60’, Anglo Confectionery ‘The New James Bond 007’ with a Cat. value of £756!!! There are also several type cards available and with 350 lots there is sure to be something of interest so have a look and contact Vernon with your bid before July 11th.

Illustrated are lots 21 (Cohen Weenan ‘Home and Colonial Regiments’), 25 (Dobie ‘Weapons of All Ages’) and 219 (Ogden’s Guinea Gold Base ‘I’ Leslie Balfour – playing).

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