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Hants & Surrey January Auction Now Accepting Bids!

Hants & Surrey January Auction Now Accepting Bids!

First, my thanks to all of you who liked the ‘Prices Realised’ list. Only two were not sure, and one of those was only thinking of the extra time for me (thank you!). A total of 23 of you replied to me on this. Again, a good number of collectors attended the Fair, and over 20 bidders were successful in the room, outbidding in a few instances some very good postal bids. A few surprises again, as usual, with Lot 31, Ogdens Army Crests and Mottoes not attracting any bid.

In this auction, ‘the collection’ is listed at Lots 13 – 57. Certainly, Lot 25, Mackenzie, is not often available in this condition. There are two more Kuit, Principal Streets (which appear to be very popular), and an unusual card of Salmon & Gluckstein ‘Occupations, but in only just Fair condition – but how often have you ever seen one! Also three more of the Wills ‘Alternative subjects’ at Lots 221-222 are, I believe, quite difficult to find. There are some more of the larger American cards, and the first batch of VG-EX cards from another vendor. At Lot 254, is another rare card from Harris – Star Girls, with a ‘grubby’ back, but the front is not too bad.

Happy bidding


Auction Front Jan.16 Auction List, Jan 16. P.1 Auction List, Jan. 16. P.2 Auction List, Jan. 16. P.3 Auction List, Jan. 16. P.4 Auction List, Jan. 16. P.5 Auction Notes-Bids, Jan.16.

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