The home of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain

Hants & Surrey Branch

Secretary: Beverly Wright
Telephone: 0118 9730334

We have been a branch since the early 1980s, and for a considerable time now have been meeting every second Sunday of the month at Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, GU3 2DD. 

This is an attractive hall with a very interesting history – read more at:

Our meetings are split between all day fairs and half day regular branch meetings.

The regular meetings start at 2pm, and last a couple of hours, chatting about our collections and meeting new friends! So if you are a card collector who either lives locally, or will be visiting this area, do come along.  Not many left now, only November 10 and December 8. 

Or why not come along to our next Quarterly All Day Fair and Auction on October 20th?

If you did not attend this event last time, you missed our 141st fair! As usual it was open from 10am to 4pm, which hopefully gave everyone a chance to look through the goodly range of local and visiting Dealers, plus view the auction, starting at at 2.30pm and usually completed by 4pm. Speaking of auction, yes you can bid in our auction by post. The bidding goes up as follows: 

Up to £30, by £1; from £31 – £50, by £2; between £51 – £100, by £5; and once over £100, by £10.

But there is neither VAT nor Buyers Premium on our auction, we accept absentee bids via post, telephone or email, and will happily email catalogues if you contact the secretary.

Here are two highlights from our last sale! 

ANGLO CONFECTIONERY SET (L56). THE NEW JAMES BOND 007. Catalogue £896 – our estimate £32

TADDY. SET. CORONATION SERIES. Catalogue £750 – our estimate £250






The closing Date for Postal Bids is the Saturday before – but do get them in as early as you can, both to avoid late arrival, and to lessen the risk of being outbid by someone who left the same bid as you, but earlier. Telephone and e-mail bids are accepted up to 12.00 noon on the Saturday.

Do remember that all cards are carefully graded by Vernon who has been an auction organiser and card grader for 35 years.

Successful postal bidders will receive their lots, or at least be notified of their success, within 10 days of the auction.

Oh and all postage and packaging costs are payable by the successful bidder, plus payment must be made, with invoice, within 7 days of receipt.

[Our featured card is number 7 of Pattrieouex`s 1928 series “The English and Welsh Counties”. A most attractive set. This particular card shows Guildford and refers to the many lavender fields which were in the area, producing cologne etc for Yardley and many other companies. If anyone has a nice early trade card they would like us to display here … please contact us. We did come across a great article which you might like to read on the subject, and the link to that is –


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