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Hants & Surrey April Card Auction

Hants & Surrey April Card Auction

Vernon Young has now issued the auction list for the Hants and Surrey April card auction and it consists of over 300 top quality lots of cigarette and trade cards. There are cards here by Allen & Ginter, Dukes, Gloag, Cohen Weenan, Taddy, Wills, ATC and many more. For the golf collectors there is a Churchman’s ‘Famous Golfers’ 2nd Series (large) card featuring Tom Morris, a SET of Marsuma’s ‘Famous Golfers and their Strokes’ (in EX cond!) as well as a few more common lots such as the Pattrieouex ‘Sporting Events’ card featuring Bobby Jones.

 As well as the range of type cards there are also several scarce sets on offer. There is a set of Bell’s ‘Colonial Troops’, Edwards, Ringer and Bigg’s ‘A Tour Around the World’ and set of Duke’s ‘Gymnastic Exercises’ – so it’s safe to say there is plenty on offer for collectors and Vernon is now accepting bids.

For those that are in the area and would like to visit in person the auction is taking place in Normandy Village Hall, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2DE

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