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Hants and Surrey October Cigarette Card Auction

Hants and Surrey October Cigarette Card Auction

Vernon has compiled another brilliant collection for the Hants and Surrey Branch’s October cigarette card auction comprising several hundred lots of both sets and types. The auction takes place on Sunday October 11th at Normandy Village Hall, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2DE. Postal bids are to be sent to Vernon on the address shown on the Auction ‘Front’ attachment below.

Notable types in the latest auction would include the Bell ‘Footballers’ card (pictured below) featuring E. Needham of Sheffield United. A pair of Hudden’s Sports and Pastimes cards featuring Ski Jumping and Archery which are likely to attract some interest. For the bird lovers (or indeed any collector!) is a CWS Parrot Series card of the iconic Red and Yellow Macaw – these cards are getting harder and harder to find! There are so many rare British issues this time that there are too many for me to list – I’ve included one of several Baines’ shields as the cover photo here so if you’re a football fan be sure to have a look through the list.

As well as Goodbody, Hill, Faulkner and the rare British issuers there are several rare American types including a Duke’s ‘Great Americans’; some ATC issues with Post Card Series and a card from the Songs E series. The seldom seen issuer, Venable, also features with an Actress card for sale. All in all I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a very strong offering from the branch and we look forward to receiving your bids.

As ever if you have any bids please contact Vernon with your questions at and he’ll be more than happy to help in whatever way he can.

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