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Hants and Surrey – January 2017 Auction

Hants and Surrey – January 2017 Auction

I was asked this time by two new bidders whether or not they had to bid in multiples of £5. My reply was that I welcomed any bid, and many of you obtain lots because you do NOT bid in multiples of £5. I mention this because I had a classic example of bidding that extra pound, when on Lot 130 in Oct. I received five bids, ALL for £85.

Once again, we had bids on a really good number of the Lots, and again at least two of you mentioned the fact that when they bid, they realised they would not have to pay the additional commission plus VAT that all the Auction Houses charge, and this can add up to as much as 24% . We just need to find what you want! Many of you clearly want single cards of quality and scarcity, and in good condition, and this is becoming harder, as we all know. Nevertheless, we do manage to lot a good number of these, usually at quite competitive reserves, the best examples of this in the Oct. auction being the scarce football cards provided by a local member.

In this auction ‘The collection’ this time is listed at Lots 9 – 46, including some scarce items, and one with a massive number of variety cards. In the single card section, we have another good selection, with one vendor putting in a number of small American cards in VG+- EX condition.

Hopefully you will find something of interest


Prices Realised – Oct


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