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Our rules are quite simple (and we don’t want to be too serious!) but we’d ask users kindly to refrain from:

  • Swearing
  • Discussing¬†politics
  • Posting commercial advertisements (if you’re a collector with a few odds for sale then you’re fine though!)

Otherwise – if you have something to say about cards or the hobby then we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to Our World Welcome to the Card World Forum

    • Forum
    • Topics
    • Freshness
    • Blogs
      This space is dedicated to blogging. We would like any collector to start a thread of their own relating to the hobby. There won't be any editing from my part and I hope it'll encourage some lively discussion and comments!
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    • Events
      please use this thread to report any news from branches, or forthcoming markets, auctions and fairs. They are coming - reportedly open air markets can start in June... So which will be the first?  This thread is also for Convention news!
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    • Missing Cards
      please use this thread to post wants lists to complete your own part sets, or request details of cards so you can acquire them for use in articles, projects, or even to add to your family archives. Or if you collect other items, why not ask for a list of cards that also show these ? 
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    • New Issues
      Please use this thread to report any brand new issues you come across, whether they be insert cards, package issues, commercials or stickers. And dont forget to look here to see what's new...
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    • on the borderline
      this thread is for any other cartophilic material - like tins, packets, wrappers, showcards, advertisements, three dimensional plastic cereal toys and other similar issues. In short, for anything relating to cards that is not a card, whether it is vintage or new. 
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    • Trade Cards
      please use this thread to update issues previously reported, or discoveries of or about vintage cards. A "trade" card is simply an advertising promotion issued with any product but not with tobacco or cigarettes.
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    • Trading Cards
      please use this thread for all kinds of modern cards issued purely as "cards to collect" rather to advertise a product - like Pok√©mon, Panini, Topps etc - and also virtual cards! 
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