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Here’s something you may not know…

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…we are not just this magazine, entertaining and informative as it may be, and regularly appearing through your letterbox to amuse and to delight you…

…nor just this website you are currently browsing, filled as it is with wonderful and useful information….

Agreed, both of these are great reason to join us, but they are just words, they lack the vital spark that only comes with human interaction.

And that’s the best part of  joining us. You see, uniquely, we have a physical network of clubs and branches across this country and beyond, where you can go, in person, to meet fellow collectors, to chat about cards, to share experiences, and to become friends.

 here are all this year’s meeting dates

Branch January FebruaryMarch AprilMayJuneJuly AugustSeptember October NovemberDecember
Cotswold15th19th18th15th13th7th ❇️
15th19th13th ❇️
East Anglia18th15th21st18th16th20th18th15th19th17th21st (tbc)19th ❇️
Hants &
12th9th8th19th10th14th12thno meeting13th18th15th13th
Hants & Surrey12th ❇️
(All Day Fair)
9th8th12th ❇️
(All Day Fair)
10th14th13th ❇️
(All Day Fair)
9th13th11th ❇️
(All Day Fair)
Kentno meeting6th5th2nd7th4th2ndno meeting3rd1st5th12th ❇️
London20th19th16th22nd18th15th20th18th21st19th16th17th ❇️
North Eastno meeting6th12th2nd14th4th9thno meeting10th1stno meetingno meeting
North West17th21st20th17th15th19thno meeting21st18th16th20th18th
Nottingham & East Midlands23rd no meeting19thno meeting28thno meeting23rd ❇️no meeting24thno meeting26thno meeting
Reading & District9th
23rd ❇️
(All Day Fair)
Sussexno meeting16th15th
& Solent

5th2nd1st5th3rd ❇️7th5th2nd6th4th1st*6th
Yorkshireno meeting2nd1st5th3rd7thtbctbc6th4th1st6th
Affiliated Clubs:
Lea Valley26th23rd22ndno meeting24th28th26th23rd27th25th ❇️
22nd20th ❇️
Middlesex4th1st7th4th2nd6th4th1st5th3rd7thno meeting

But this isn’t just a list; if you click on any branch name in the first column you can visit it in virtual form, and see extra information – meeting places and times, local card-related news, and a contact phone or email where enquiries can be made about visiting it.

A typical meeting – [courtesy of Lea Valley]

And when you do visit, at all events you will find lots of cards, and card collectors. Some of these events are simply an informal gathering for a few hours; others, marked on the above calendar with an asterisk, are more special events, like all day fairs, with auctions

we do always advise that before you set out, you should contact the relevant branch secretary to check on any last minute changes. Their details appear on the web pages. 

Also we co-host an annual two-day Card Fair, which visits a different location of the country each year. This year we are off to


Read all about it at

The following weblinks will whisk you to our Overseas Branches. Whilst travelling there in person may not be possible, a virtual visit can still be entertaining

Our two Antipodean Associates
are both full websites, run by themselves:

AB&C Gum “Flags of the World” – card number 59

Well worth a visit, this is an extensive website with lots to read, including the history of the A.C.S. since it’s founding in 1968.

Today we are delighted to report they have almost 300 members, who recieve, and enjoy regular newsletters, postal auctions, meetings, competitions, and five card fairs a year.

In addition, representatives often stall out at regional non-society fairs to keep cards in the public eye.

And they also maintain a library of reference books and information, as well as an online shop for cards, books and collectors supplies.

AB&C Gum “Flags of the World” – card number 68

The Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc was formed in 1975, along the lines of our own Society That was now over 40 years ago, and we are delighted to report that they now have around 150 members. 

Trade Cards actually appeared before cigarette cards in New Zealand; still today, their largest card issuer, with over 100 different sets, is a trade one – Sanitarium, makers of Weet-Bix, the top selling breakfast cereal in New Zealand, since 1941. 

The Society holds regular meetings, attended by local and national dealers; also members trade amongst themselves, much like in the UK. They also hold a National Card Convention, again along the same lines as us – usually held over 2 days in April at a different place in the country every year.

AB&C Gum “Flags of the World” – card number 9

At the moment this is simply a homepage run by us, rather than a full website, and its really only just starting to be constructed.

So if anyone out there specialises in South African cards and would like to assist do get in touch!

We do know that most collectors in this country will be familiar with the large and attractive hard back albums containing South African cards. They turn up frequently at auctions and at book sales, in fact some people do believe them to be books. 



We regret that the following Branches are no longer in operation. However we add them here in fond memory of the pleasure they brought to so many collectors, that their rich histories might be preserved rather than forgotten, and in the hope that one day a local collector may read of their tales, and breathe of new life into their veins…

Cornwall Branch

West Country Branch

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