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CSGB Sept/Oct 2014 Auction

CSGB Sept/Oct 2014 Auction

For members that have received the latest copy of Card World you’ll see that Chris Corner has added some images of lots for the current auction (PA 534) and a full list of the 150 lots for sale. Below you’ll see the list and I hope you’ll agree there’s a wide variety of cards for sale with this issue of Card World. Some of the highlights include cards by Faulkner, CWS, Sinclair, Wills, Taddy and some unrecorded issues by Caley. At present bidding is only open to members and if you contact Chris he’ll take your name and address and record you bid.

Best of luck everyone and if you have any cards you’d like to submit for auction just contact us and we are always happy to help in whatever way we can!

New Auction 534-1 New Auction 534-2 Bidding Sheet

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