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CSGB May/June 2015 Auction

CSGB May/June 2015 Auction

The time has come around already for another auction and Chris has issued the latest list with the recent magazine. In it there are 150 lots that cover plenty of subjects on both tobacco and trade cards. As ever there are several sets to bid on as well as rarer types. For the boxing fans there are 8 Cope’s Boxers in VG+ condition (lots 31 to 38) and two Cartledge ‘Famous Prize Fighters’ in Ex condition (lots 70/71). Scouting collectors will be pleased to see a nice clean Maynards ‘Girl Guides’ Pathfinder (Med-O-Creme back) (lot 72). There are some cricket issues in the auction too including a Wills ‘Australian and English Cricketers’ 1903 (lot 115). There are also a few previously unrecorded items – ‘Pegs Paper’ Egyptian Fortune Telling cards and some Platignum Dinosaurs (8 now known).

For those looking for sets there are several from Ogdens, Wills, Players and Churchman (a full set of Rugby Internationals! Lot 130).

New Auction 538-1 New Auction 538-2

Postal Bids to Chris Corner, 9 Olivia Close, Waterlooville, Hants PO7 8LN Bids must be made in writing or by Email to The last date for RECEIPT OF BIDS is SATURDAY 27th JUNE 2015

PA538 Scans 2 001 - Version 3 PA538 Scans 2 001 PA538 scans 1 001 - Version 8 PA538 scans 1 001 - Version 7 PA538 scans 1 001 - Version 2 PA538 scans 1 001 - Version 5

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