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CSGB Mar/Apr 2016 Convention Auction

CSGB Mar/Apr 2016 Convention Auction

So the 2016 Convention is only a few weeks away, time flies as they say! Following on from last year, there will be no live auction at the convention, but the auction lots will available to view on Saturday from 1:30 until 3:30, and on Sunday from 12:00 until 1:00. Bids can also be left after viewing and of course will still be accepted in the usual manner by email or post. The auction will close one week after the convention, on Saturday May 7th.
The undoubted star lot of this auction is an extremely rare card with a catalogue value of £1,000. Lot 38 is a Robert Sinclair Footballer (Black & White On Card) believed issued in 1898. So rare in fact that this subject, C. Watts of Newcastle, was unknown in 2003 when the British Tobacco Issues Handbook was compiled. I do remember a few years ago that some more of this set came to light in an auction in the Northeast of England that was advertised in Card Times. This card is now recorded, and can be found listed under H.399 of the British Tobacco Issues Handbook updates available via the CSGB website. I cannot remember the last time such a rarity was offered in our auction, and hope that it attracts plenty of interest.
Other highlights include Brigham Tobacco Growing in Hampshire, about which there is an article in this magazine, 3 Ogden Actresses Collotype, some unusual trade items, some of which are believed to be unrecorded, a set of Allen & Ginter Wild Animals of the World, 12 different lots of Kensitas Silk Flowers, some more Murai issues, some Taddy and Barratt cricketers, some A & BC gum issues, various sets of Footballers, 3 Mars Attacks types, 3 more Ed. Smith War Portraits and a type from Wills Waterloo. Please have a close look through the catalogue, I hope you will find something of interest.
If a member wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only happy to oblige. However due to cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email. Please email your requests to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.
If a member requires any more information about lots, then please contact me by phone, email or post and I will do my best to assist.

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