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CSGB June 2017 Auction

CSGB June 2017 Auction

I am writing these notes a week before the Convention, so will not be able to comment on the event, but I expect it to be a great success as usual. I hope that all who attended had a great time and managed to find some of the elusive cards on your wants lists. I am sat here on my computer really looking forward to a few days in Stratford, my wife and I always take the opportunity to have a short break to coincide with the Convention, unless it is held fairly close to home, such as last year in Bracknell, where we just stayed the one night.

And so on to the highlights this time. There are 2 Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., 2 Old Calabar advert cards featuring dogs, Actresses FROGA & BLARM, some more Faulkner Our Colonial Troops (Union Jack Cigarettes), Nautical Terms, 6 more Duke Battle Scenes, Allen & Ginter Natives in Costume, Freeman Actresses FRAN, 4 Taddy Actresses Collotype, sadly not in the best condition, but the reserves reflect that, Cope Footballers, H C Lloyd Actresses and Boer War, some seldom seen Trick Billiards by Hignett and no less than 9 scarce Wills Punch Cartoons, 2nd Series. Have a good look through the list; I hope you will find something of interest.

If a member wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only too happy to oblige. However due to the cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email. Please email your requests to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

If a member requires any more information about lots, then please contact me by phone, email or post and I will do my best to assist.


CSGB Auction 550 CSGB Auction 550 2

Redford Ginter Hindustan Cadle FROGA


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