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CSGB January 2019 Auction

CSGB January 2019 Auction

Well, this is the last time I will mention the England cricket team. No sooner had I written about how well they were doing then they get thrashed in the next Test Match. I am of course thrilled that they overcame that setback to win the series 4-1, and a fine series it was too. Great credit must go to both teams, and I thought the Indian team and their captain gave the retiring Alastair Cook a terrific send off.

As I have had a few queries recently, I would like to reiterate to bidders that they will always get the lot at the lowest possible price, allowing for reserves and other bids. The very nature of our hobby is that we all have a good idea of the value of cards, and I do indeed get a lot of very similar bids on some lots. As can be seen in the prices realised for PA557 shown in this issue, there were 8 lots with tied bids, meaning the first bidder won that lot. Please can I also ask that people who bid by email include their address with the bids, I sent a lot a while back and the member had moved without informing the Society, so it went to his old address. Fortunately he got the cards eventually, but you now know why I ask for confirmation of addresses when you bid by email, and of course we still accept bids by post.

And so on to the highlights. The auction starts with a couple of Anstie Royal Portrait silks, ten lots of Guinea Gold New Series 1 cricketers, five lots of rare Cope Scandinavian Actors & Actresses, some Maltese and North African cards, a set of Liebig Menu cards, some Duke Fishes & Fishing, some more Ogden’s early cards, some Taddy type cards in great condition and ending in 5 lots of Donaldson Sports Favourites which although not in the best condition have low reserves because of this.

Please have a good look through the Auction List; there is the usual mix of sets and types, tobacco and trade. I look forward to receiving your bids.
If a member wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only too happy to oblige. However due to the cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email. Please email your requests to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

If a member requires any more information about lots, then please contact me by phone, email or post and I will do my best to assist.

New Auction 559-1

New Auction 559-2

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