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Cheshire Branch

Cheshire Branch

Secretary: Tony Sheldon
Telephone: 0161 7403714

Greetings to all our members and former visitors. Our thoughts are with you, your families, your friends, and your collecting contacts throughout this troubled time.

We are one of the largest Society Branches. Before the current temporary postponement of meetings we used to get together from 10am on the second Sunday of every month at Larkhill Community Centre, 12 Thorley Lane, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 7AZ. The centre’s own website

has maps and directions, as well as a history of the hall and a visual tour of the area. 


Our featured card is number 42 of Wills Mining – “Mining Rock Salt, Northwich, Cheshire”; you may not know that the Romans built Northwich purely to take advantage of the river crossing and the local brine springs. They used lead pans to extract the salt from this brine and many of those,plus other relics have been found during excavations of the Roman fort.

cerebos pcAnother local salt maker was Cerebos, who issued this amazing advertising postcard in about 1900.

They also issued a set of 100 trade cards of sea shells in 1925, a super set, but the only set of cards they ever produced. If you look at the reverse of the cards they also advertise Bisto Gravy – though a websearch may reveal that Bisto was invented by two British housewives in 1908, the missing link in most sites is that the two husbands actually worked at the Cerebos Salt Works. Check out this fascinating page, part of a really wonderful website


 We wonder if you know three cigarette card issuers also came from Chester? These were …..

W.T. Davies and Sons, who issued cards between 1902 and 1924. Their 1902 set showed “Actresses”. Do look out for their 1904 un-numbered black and white cards titled “Newport Football Club”, and “Royal Welch Fusiliers”; these are very scarce. Their 1913 set of “Flags and Funnels of Leading Steamship Lines”, shown left, was also issued by Churchman and Ogden. Their 1915 “Army Life” was also issued by John Player. Their last two sets were both issued in 1924; a set of 25 “Boxing”; and two series of “Aristocrats of the Turf”, the first series of 42 cards split into a group of 30 cards and another of 12, and the second series comprising 36 cards. Was there a connection with W. Williams, below? Read on, and advise us if you know!

nichollsThos Nicholls & Co who issued just one set of 50 cards “Orders of Chivalry”, in 1916, shown right. It’s a set also issued by Taddy, but the numbering differs, Nicholls` being numbered 1-50, whilst Taddy’s is split into a first and a second series, each of 25 cards. Interestingly, Taddy`s first series was issued in 1911 and the second in 1912, before the Nicholls version.



W. Williams & Co who first issued cards in 1901, a set of 25 black and white “Boer War Celebrities”, a set also issued by Coopers, Edwards Ringer & Bigg, Glass, Snell and Thomson & Porteus. Their next issue, in 1912, was “Interesting Buildings”, as also issued by Churchman, Hignett, Mitchell, and by Wills in Australia through their Capstan Brand; the same year they issued 12 black and white “Views of Chester”, a popular set today with local collectors, as is the follow up from the following year “Views of Chester – As It Was”. Their final cards appeared in 1924, two series of “Aristocrats of the Turf”, shown left, the same as W.T. Davies, see above, but here only issued as the first set of 30 cards and the second series of 36.

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