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July Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Now Accepting Bids

Thank you to those who sent stamps for the next 4 auctions. We don’t have all the expenses of the Auction Houses, but a contribution is helpful. But we don’t hang around – Keith got through our 350 lots for April in a record 59 minutes! Not bad, especially when you think that with the Internet, bidding is about 120 lots an hours. At least no time to get bored. ‘The collection’ this time is listed at Lots 18–55. Not so much expensive material, but still some difficult to find offe

CSGB May/June Auction – Now Accepting Bids

So the Convention is over for another year. I hope that all who attended had as good a time as me, I spent too much, but picked up some great cards and met up with a few people I don’t see that often. It was also good to put a few faces to names of members who bid in the auction when they came to view the auction lots. It has now been decided that we will show estimates on the auction list. This is in response to some members who are unsure how much to bid. The lower estimate will be sligh

CSGB Mar/Apr Convention Auction Open (Now Also Accepting Bids from Non-Members!)

So the 2016 Convention is only a few weeks away, time flies as they say! Following on from last year, there will be no live auction at the convention, but the auction lots will available to view on Saturday from 1:30 until 3:30, and on Sunday from 12:00 until 1:00. Bids can also be left after viewing and of course will still be accepted in the usual manner by email or post. The auction will close one week after the convention, on Saturday May 7th. The undoubted star lot of this auction is an ex

The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden’s Ltd.

'The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden's Ltd.' is a new softcover edition of reference book 115 and includes the very latest additions to the very complex card issues made by Ogden's. This new volume is a reprint of the now out of print hardcover edition that was printed 10 years ago but includes the updates that have been made since. The format of this work remains pretty faithful to that originally adopted in the 1949 and 1959 editions. In the first section, listing Ogden's non-Guinea Gold issues

Hants & Surrey January Auction Now Accepting Bids!

First, my thanks to all of you who liked the ‘Prices Realised’ list. Only two were not sure, and one of those was only thinking of the extra time for me (thank you!). A total of 23 of you replied to me on this. Again, a good number of collectors attended the Fair, and over 20 bidders were successful in the room, outbidding in a few instances some very good postal bids. A few surprises again, as usual, with Lot 31, Ogdens Army Crests and Mottoes not attracting any bid. In this auction, ‘