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A. E. Cherry – The Founder of the Cameric Club

I was reading through some early copies of Cameric Notes and News (before the merger that formed the CSGB as we know it today) and I came across an article about the Cameric's founder - Arther Eric Cherry. It is a sad point that I doubt many are aware of and so I thought I would share it with you all. The article is taken from Vol. 1 'New Series', Issue 1 of Cameric Notes and News, May 1946 and was written by Franz Vernon Blows - then the President of the Cameric Club. Arthur Eric Cherry was

Football’s Fallen Heroes of WW1

As we mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 many of us are paying our respects to the nearly 1 million British and Commonwealth that fell in the conflict. Collector, Michael Wallace has added his own tribute this year by releasing a unique set of 24 cards remembering footballers that fought and died for their country in the Great War. The set of 24 cards depicts men from various regiments of the British Army (but not surprisingly nearly half of the set is made up of men of the 17t

What is it that we collect?

1. Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards, Trading Cards… What are they? If you are on the website you may have read a little about the Cartophilic Society and what it is that we do as an organisation but what exactly is it that we collect? With the launch of the CSGB’s new website I wanted to explore this a little and talk about the origins of the cards themselves and how they have changed over time in both form and function to become what today we often call ‘trading cards’. I shall start

NEW! North American Reference Book (RB151) Now available…

The new North American Reference Book is here. Two years in the making! The first part (RB151) contains all C19th tobacco insert series, excluding photographic issues, pins and silks. It does include special printed albums and banners. There are in total 357 pages, with 250 colour illustrations and about 2600 cards shown in total. There is an introduction, followed by an Index based on the World Index references and followed by a handbook section that is in American Card Catalog sequence (N,

Reference Book Updates – Now Including Trade Updates!

We just wanted to let you all know that we are in the process of adding the latest updates to the reference section but Martin Murray has kindly provided us with the most up to date versions so those eager collectors and researchers amongst you are up to date. Below you will find updates to: The Ogdens Reference Book The New Tobacco War Reference Book (RB 118) The British Tobacco Handbook The New World Tobacco Issues Index The Godfrey Phillips Reference Book (RB 113) The British Tr