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A dilemma. Imagine you are, or know a card collector who lives outside the UK, who would be really interested to join us, were it not for the high cost of the overseas subscription?  If only there was a way to reduce this cost. And now there is!  Because it is the cost of posting our magazines by airmail that makes this membership so expensive. And we can now offer an electronic overseas subscription.....  ....with which, you can still: Bid in the auctions, with no buyer’s prem

Updated Silk Handbook

The comprehensive and  popular  ‘Handbook of Worldwide Tobacco & Trade Silk Issues’ has  been revised and updated and the new soft cover reference book, as shown above, is now available for sale from the Cartophilic Society. In addition to the numerous updates there are many new entries of previously unrecorded silk issues with 27 additional  pages of  text and listings, 10% more than in the previous handbook. The new 365 page book also includes 2130 detailed il

New Issues – July/August 2016

July/August New Issues by John Cahill ‘Bear Yo-Yo’s Time Travel Adventure It has come to my notice that there are quite a few varieties in this issue. There are colour changes, not just different print runs and alterations to the picture. I have shown both cards of number 30 the original with the severed head dripping with blood and the reprint with the leg of chicken. I assume they changed the picture after some complaints, not quite PC! Scan 004 Brioche Pasquier ‘Pitch’ ‘Team

The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden’s Ltd.

'The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden's Ltd.' is a new softcover edition of reference book 115 and includes the very latest additions to the very complex card issues made by Ogden's. This new volume is a reprint of the now out of print hardcover edition that was printed 10 years ago and includes the updates that have been made since. The format of this work remains pretty faithful to that originally adopted in the 1949 and 1959 editions. In the first section, listing Ogden's non-Guinea Gold issues

Book Review – C19th U.S.A. Tobacco Index and Handbook

Many of you will know that the CSGB recently added a new reference book to the publications list – ‘C19th U.S.A. Tobacco Issues Index and Handbook’. It took 2 years of hard work to compile and so I wanted to take some time to look in a little more detail at Martin Murray’s latest work and give you a quick look at what it contains (aside from the obvious!). I expect the majority of collectors when thinking about reference works on US cards will have one name in mind - Jefferson Burdick