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2020 Convention – Salisbury – CANCELLED

We regret there will be no Cartophilic Convention this year. The decision has been made on grounds of safety and of health. It may turn out that coronavirus has been entirely defeated by October. Or it may not. A large proportion of our collecting friends fall in the demographic age of those who are unkindly most affected by this scourge, and we do not feel comfortable with the risks. May you all stay safe and keep optimistic. May our first steps into our brave new world be the first steps to r

A B C Gum

A Quick Question! Does anyone know what the additional reference numbers against the A & B C Gum sets listed in our trade index refer to?

North American Reference Book (RB151)

Two years in the making, this week`s featured book is the North American Reference Book This contains all C19th tobacco insert series, including special printed albums and banners but not photographic issues, pins and silks. There are in total 357 pages, with 250 colour illustrations and about 2600 cards shown in total. There is an introduction, followed by an Index based on the World Index references and followed by a handbook section that is in American Card Catalog sequence (N, A and G num

Those Withheld Cards….It’s Nothing New

Originally written by J Walton and published August 2014...  As I drove to work one morning recently I tuned into a conversation about trading cards on the Radio 4 Today programme. The reporter was bemoaning the fact that in the recent World Cup footballers series some cards were hard to get. He said that Panini, who produced them, had denied keeping some cards short in order to keep people collecting. He also said that he had gathered six Thierry Henri cards - and that when he had mention

After Everton

We had an email from a keen collector seeking modern Everton cards. Here is his list so do go hunting through your moderns, and he will either swap or buy. You see, even though our forum is not currently operational, if you have a wants list why not send it along and we may feature it here... And we are also working on a temporary page to store your wants. Anyway here is that list... Contact us HERE if you have any and we will forward your messages PlayerSetYearCard ReferenceType of

A surprise purchase in Hong Kong

Originally published in September 2018, written by B. Joyce ... As some of you might know, I have been absent from the UK branch circuit for the last 24 years whilst working as a contract finance manager for a construction company in the middle and far east until 2017 when I finally retired. Although I was unable to attend any SCSGB branch meetings, I was still able to pick up a quantity of Chinese cigarettes cards and advertisement posters when I was working on the construction of Hong Kong

Postal Auction

AUCTION JOTTINGS I trust that everyone is keeping safe and well, and obeying the government guidelines about social distancing and not going out. The auction will continue to function normally as long as government restrictions allow it. I will try to post lots out to winning bidders around the middle of the week following the closure date. My last jottings were written in January before the sad loss of Vernon Young. I would like to pay my own tribute to him, and like everyone else who kn

V.E. Day 75 years on

As its 75 years since VE Day we hope you will enjoy our coverage. Cigarette cards were a casualty of WW2, and it seems few trade cards covering this event were issued, but this one seems particularly apt also : https://www.ebay.

The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden’s Ltd.

'The Cigarette Card Issues of Ogden's Ltd.' is a softcover edition of reference book 115 and includes additions to the very complex card issues made by Ogden's. This very popular volume is a reprint of the now out of print hardcover edition that was printed over 10 years ago and includes the updates that have been made since. The format of this work remains pretty faithful to that originally adopted in the 1949 and 1959 editions. In the first section, listing Ogden's non-Guinea Gold issues, the

What is it that we collect?

We thought you would like to read this piece extracted from our archives which tells the story of..... Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards, and Trading Cards… what are they? Welcome to all our readers, and thanks for visiting our website. You may have read a little about the Cartophilic Society in our archive section, but what exactly are the cards that we collect and how did they come to be? Lets explore this a little and talk about the origins of the cards themselves and how they have changed ove