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Valentines Day

Valentines Day
We cant let this day go by without some cartophilic commemoration. After all it is the date that our feathered friends traditionally choose their mates. So why not!
The vintage image we choose as our featured card is a reminder of how times change, all the things appearing on that table now fit on your smart phone. We are not sure it is really any smarter, and it’s certainly less romantic than these lovely antique desk accessories. 
There are many cards to do with Valentines Day and we will display a few below this text.
Go hunt in your albums and see how many you can find. It’s interesting that Valentine was a popular first name for men in days gone by. Valentine Dyall is probably the best known of those, even today. And Val Doonican uses the shortened form of his middle name. On a literary note, Ian Fleming’s father was called Valentine, and it was the middle name of Henry Miller. Shakespeare also used it for two of his characters. 
As a mild variant, we must remember silent screen sensation Valentino, cruelly cut down at the height of his fame by peritonitis. On the card we show below he is described as “The Screen`s Greatest Lover”
Finally, bringing card collecting bang up to date, the virtual card of the township of “Valentine, The Heartlands, NH” is one of the new breed of card collectables. Have a look by clicking on :
Anyway let’s go have a hunt through our albums and see about sharing a little romance….

Ogdens Ltd. (1899) ‘Beauties P/C Inset’ O100-075(B) pp

Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd. (1905) ‘Billiard Terms’

Cigarette Card

British American Tobacco Co. Ltd. (1903) ‘Beauties, Playing Card Superimposed’

a packet of Panini’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Wix Cinema Cavalcade Cigarette Card Rudolph Valentino “Son Of The Sheik” card number 9


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