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As well as this, our own website, and our branch websites,  there are many other sites on cards from around the world that we think are really worth a look, whether that be for reference, entertainment or simply anything useful relating to the hobby. We aren’t paid to include these links and so we’ll only recommend sites we use regularly ourselves.

If you think there is a site we’ve missed that visitors will appreciate do just let us know and we will have a look!


Cigarette – – A great forum for collectors of cards whether they be cigarette or trade. The guys on there are only too willing to help collectors and show plenty of great images 

JS Cards – – The home pages of well known UK based dealer, John Shaw, offering 2000+ cigarette, trade, gum and tea cards, plus silks

The John Johnson Collection – website of our friends at Oxford University. A fantastic array of ephemera and some superb cigarette and trade cards.

The New York Public Library – – This is mainly a selection of images but it is definitely recommended to anyone new to the hobby 


BAINES SHIELDS: – these sporting shaped cards, dating from the turn of the last century, are fascinating, and this is a truly incredible website.

BROOKE BOND TEA CARDS: – A complete guide to all sets, worldwide, single inserts, and other collectables produced by and for the Company. With articles and links to many card collecting sites

FOOTBALL TRADE CARDS – Predominantly UK but if you collect football cards this should really be your homepage! From early tobacco and trade through to Match Attax.

POKEMON CARDS : – A fantastic resource for those interested in Pokemon cards. You’ll find all series listed with checklists and illustrations. 

REWARD CARDS: – All about the postcard sized cards issued by Schools and Councils to reward regular attendance. Checklists too!

FLAG CARDS –  A great example of how a commercial company can use cards to promote its site. Oh how we wish more did. Remember these guys when you next buy a flag and say thanks. 


EUROPEAN TRADE CARDS/CHROMOS – – This is a super European one all about Trade Cards and Chromos like Au Bon Marche and Liebig. There is also an English translation button.

(also check out our own Branch Pages)

The Cigarette Packet Collectors’ Club of Great Britain –  – fantastic website and club as well with bi-annual meetings in London and in Chester. Dont miss the videos they have made. 

The Cartophilic Society of New Zealand – Kia-Ora to all our friends in New Zealand and their excellent website. They produce a fantastic magazine and offer a digital membership.

The Australian Cartophilic Society – And hearty greetings to all our friends in Australia, whose website is also well worth a visit. 

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