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As well as our own website there are many others around the world that we think are really worth a look. Whether that be for reference, entertainment or simply anything useful relating to the hobby. We aren’t paid to include these links and so we’ll only recommend sites we use regularly ourselves.

If you think there is a site we’ve missed that visitors will appreciate do just let use know and we will have a look! ( – A great forum for collectors of cards whether they be cigarette or trade. The guys on there are only too willing to help collectors and you’ll see plenty of great images in their gallery.

Network54 Non-Sports Chat Board ( – A must see for anyone that specialises in American cards. The gallery is quite simply superb and I’d recommend anyone to have a look.

JS Cards – ( The well known UK based card dealer, John Shaw, has now gone online with a shop selling hundreds of sets of cards. Over the coming months he will be adding more and more for sale on the site and there is sure to be something for every collector!

The John Johnson Collection ( – The website of our friends at Oxford University. A fantastic array of ephemera and some superb cigarette and trade cards.

New York Public Library ( Primarily a selection of images of cigarette cards but there is a great selection and I would recommend it to anyone new to the hobby as you can quickly see a wide range of what is out there waiting for you!

The Cigarette Packet Collectors’ Club of Great Britain ( – Barry Russell’s website for the CPCC and a fantastic club as well. If you get a chance we’d recommend the videos that he has made. Not only will you learn a little about the hobby but you’ll see some fantastic rare items in the process!

The New Zealand Cartophilic Society ( – An affiliated club in New Zealand dedicated as we are to collecting all cards. A great group of people and even if you aren’t in New Zealand are well worth a visit.

Bulbapedia ( – A fantastic resource for those interested in Pokemon cards. You’ll find all series listed with checklists and illustrations – perhaps the most informative Pokemon site we’ve seen!

Football Cartophilic Info Exchange ( – A site dedicated to Football cards. On it you’ll see predominantly UK issues but if you collect football cards this should really be your homepage! Some great info from Alan Jenkins on cards ranging from early tobacco and trade through to recent Match Attax – well worth a look.

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