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    Michele AubornMichele Auborn

    Seeking matt sepia photogravure “Pictures” Magazine postcards
    See our website
    We’d be most grateful for missing info, scans, or cards!
    Most backs are as picture 1 below. The only missing card of the whole 224 card “Pictures Portrait Gallery” series is no.46. Where is it? Who is it? It would be great to get the last one!
    Other identical sepia matt photogravure cards were “Published by “The Picturegoer” 88 Long Acre, London”, the earliest number found is 227, so where are 225 and 226, who do they show, and are they Pictures Portrait Gallery or Picturegoer? The highest number found is 238, an odd place to stop, so do you have any higher?
    Or any un-numbered Picturegoer sepia matt photogravures? We have just two, Alice Calhoun and Helene Chadwick.

    The same backs are found on hand coloured real photographic Pictures Portrait Gallery cards – we need A2 CHARLES RAY – and A3 BUCK JONES?
    Now on to ADVERT backs. We have never seen Will Rogers with our picture 2 back. Do you have him with this advert back? Or the alternative back, picture 3, produced for Provincial Cinematograph Theatres?

    We have 3 different Provincial Cinematograph Theatres advert backs so far –
    Bebe Daniels – The Picture House Granby Road LEICESTER
    Eileen Percy – The Newcastle Picture House Grey Street NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE
    Natalie Talmadge – The Picture House Coney Street YORK
    Do you have other stars, or different theatres on these cards? If so do get in touch

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    Michele AubornMichele Auborn

    UPDATE FOR 2020

    Still searching! Our website is growing all the time, thanks to those of you who added to it. Check it out for yourself at

    We still need “Pictures Portrait Gallery” no.46, and 225 and 226, and all other cards mentioned above, but we now
    have A3 BUCK JONES from the real photographic version of the set.

    We also have a couple more “Provincial Cinematograph Theatre” adverts, namely:
    GERALD AMES and GLADYS BROCKWELL. Both are for Hull

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    Michele AubornMichele Auborn

    Just in case you didn’t notice, these adverts are different and come from two series. Gerald Ames is a double magazine advert, the first double as far found with a PCT ad. Are there any others in your collection. Gladys Brockwell is the standard triple advert, ie the same as above but with the diagonal cross advert for FILM FICTION. Again we are interested in any others so that they can be recorded, your help is much appreciated

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