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We encourage all card and ephemera collectors to attend our Annual Conventions. Every year we visit a different part of this country so there will eventually be one in your county area; though we do ensure that all our venues have excellent travel links for cars, bikes, and public transport. And we are delighted to report that several members fly in from overseas just to attend.

The conventions usually take place on a Saturday and Sunday, though this year, due to a last minute venue change, we reverted to our former practise of Friday and Saturday.

While Society members get in free, and for longer hours, non members simply need to pay an admission fee and they too can enjoy the delights. These include leading national and local dealers, as well as private collectors taking a stall just for that weekend – thousands of vintage and modern cards, from completed sets, to part sets, odds and types – all manner of card storage options like card safe modern albums and wall display frames -and  a chance to meet the team who run the local branch, who usually co-host the event.

Of course should you want to join the Society (or local branch) on seeing all we offer, we have all the information you need.

At the start, these events were very just an Annual General Meeting, where we discussed the doings of the year, approved the accounts, and branch representatives came together to give reports on card collecting in their area, and in the main hall there were a few stands of cards for sale. In fact when the AGM was on, the selling ceased. Nowadays the event is more an event, and its based much more around the card trading than the AGM, though this does still take place on the Saturday afternoon.

These days a common concerns to all branches is attracting and keeping the interest of new and younger members who do not see many, if any, vintage cards in their day to day lives. After all the germ of collecting is in us all, but we either collect what we remember from our youth, or what we see and find attractive or unusual. So this year for the first time we had a “card swap area” which was specifically designed to attract younger collectors of the more modern phenomenons like Match Attax, Adrenalyn and Pokémon cards, and we are delighted to report it did a brisk trade, enough to consider repeating it anyway. We do hope that if you attended this area you found lots of cards for your collections – and that you also took the time to walk round the rest of the convention to see what other, older cards could offer. Remember too that there are lots of modern sets and odds on sale in the main hall, including the ones we showcase in the swop area, so next year do go and have a look at all the cards and ephemera on sale and on display.

OUR NEXT PROJECT. We are starting to add links to our previous card conventions so you can see them for yourself and read about what went on. But we need YOUR memories too, plus photos. Anyway, just click on the weblink by each picture, and your time machine will start to travel. Hold on as you go! 

..and still to come as we slowly gather up speed and travel further back in time are:

 2013 – Woking

2012 – Lincoln

2011 – Stratford upon Avon

2010 – Southport

2009 – WaltonOnThames

2008 – Norwich

2007 – Worcester

2006 – Nottingham

2005 – Scarborough

2004 – Eastbourne

2003 – Reading

2002 – Stratford Upon Avon

2001 – Yate

2000 – Watford

Anyone having souvenir cards or flyers or photos of these venues please get in touch, or anyone who would just like to share their memories. Many thanks in advance

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