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CSGB January 2019 Auction – Now Accepting Bids

Well, this is the last time I will mention the England cricket team. No sooner had I written about how well they were doing then they get thrashed in the next Test Match. I am of course thrilled that they overcame that setback to win the series 4-1, and a fine series it was too. Great credit must go to both teams, and I thought the Indian team and their captain gave the retiring Alastair Cook a terrific send off. As I have had a few queries recently, I would like to reiterate to bidders that

CSGB October 2018 Auction – Now Closed

Isn’t life strange? After many weeks of extremely hot weather and no rain, people were moaning, this is too much, it has been too hot for too long, we need the rain, and the garden is really suffering and so on. Finally the weather changes, it becomes cooler and we get some of the much needed rain. And guess what? People are moaning; this is typical, just as the kids start the summer holidays, I have got my leave booked and after all that good weather when I was at work it has now turned cool

Online Overseas Subscription – Now Available!

Do you live outside the UK? Don’t want to pay hefty membership fees? We can now offer you THE SAME subscription fee as a UK member! Bid in the auction with no buyer’s premium Buy reference books at reduced member’s prices Free (and earlier) admission to annual convention Free magazine advertisements for collectors (for wants and spares) MAGAZINES INCLUDING AUCTION LISTS WILL BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY, THEREFORE SPEEDILY SO THAT YOU CAN KEEP ABREAST OF ALL DEVELOPMENTS IN T

New Silks Book now available

This book is an attempt to provide a historic record of a very large comprehensive selection of the embroidered silk and lace designs, issued in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s by Tobacco & Trading Companies in Holland, Germany and South Africa. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive listing of the single set of ‘leathers’ issued by a Tobacco Company in Germany in 1936. It contains 273 pages with over 7,100 colour illustrations of individual designs, including other aspects

Hants & Surrey Branch – July 2018 Auction

For a while, I have been compiling a 'Prices Realised' list. I have now decided that, as from now, I will no longer do this, as the amount of extra work is considerable. Sorry. Apologies also to those receiving the list through the post, as somehow, the Printing company managed to reproduce the Jan. 'Notes' sheet, not April. So, to repeat my note about stamps, if anyone receiving this list through the post wishes to send a few stamps to defray our costs, these would be very welcome. This is not