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June 2017 – New Issues

Sainsbury’s ‘Lego Create the World’ (140) When you purchase your shopping for every £10 you spend you will get a pack of four cards. Also available are packs you can purchase for 50p. The album which can be purchased for £2 gives ideas for you to learn, play and create. Some of the features cover subjects such as ‘Man Made Wonders, Animals and Plants and the continents of the world. Card size 80 x 55, numbered top front right and dated 2017 on the reverse The World of David Wa

August 2017 CSGB Postal Auction – Now Accepting Bids

I hope everyone enjoyed the Convention at Stratford on Avon, what a superb venue! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, spent more than I intended so no different to the norm! My only slight disappointment was the lack of viewing of the auction lots. It would have been great to have seen some more people introduce themselves and have a look at the lots. However, we sold 116 out of 150 lots so cannot really grumble too much, and of course I do realise the priority of looking through the dealer

July 2017 – Hants and Surrey Branch Auction – Prices Realised Added

First, my thanks to the postal bidders who sent stamps. It is not essential, but I think it does show interest, and I guess all of us need a little of that to keep us going! In April, Lots 1-10 were offered at low reserves, and all attracted bids, so that Vendor has included more of the same, see Lots 1-22. We will see if these, too, are appreciated. From ‘the collection’ this time come Lots 29 – 75. Despite many of these being unusual and in mostly very nice condition, the reserves see

June 2017 CSGB Postal Auction – Now Closed

I am writing these notes a week before the Convention, so will not be able to comment on the event, but I expect it to be a great success as usual. I hope that all who attended had a great time and managed to find some of the elusive cards on your wants lists. I am sat here on my computer really looking forward to a few days in Stratford, my wife and I always take the opportunity to have a short break to coincide with the Convention, unless it is held fairly close to home, such as last year in B

April 2017 – Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Prices Realised

(Prices realised have now been added to the bottom of this page) Christmas is not usually the time for huge success in our auction – there is always the excuse(!)that there are too many other priorities at this time of year. However, our overall success was not much less than usual, with 480 bids being placed In this auction, I offer the following guide:- Lots 1-10 are offered at low reserves, as the Vendor just wants to sell Lots 16-64 are from ‘the collection’, offering var