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Merry Christmas to all our readers

Merry Christmas to all our readers

Just a few musings on a theme to entertain our e-readers.
Here is our garden friend, and helpmate, robin, always hopping about on newly dug soil, and even perching on your spade handle. If you are lucky, or perseverant, you can even teach one to eat mealworms from your hand.

The robin is also very associated with Christmas; we wonder how many Christmas cards you had that featured one, especially perching on a post-box?

This is actually a connexion almost lost to the mists of time; but in those long ago days when post was just beginning, postmen (and they were all men then) wore red jackets, and became known as robins.

The robin bird is a familiar sight on cigarette cards, possibly because he was such a character, but also because he is one of our few colourful birds. We have selected a few cards and a bit of smokiana for this small gallery, but are certain there are others in your own collection! Have a look and see how many you can spot!

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