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Here’s something you may not know. We are not just a magazine popping through your letterbox on a regular basis, and not just a website, we have a physical network of local clubs and branches in this country and Overseas where you can go along in person, meet fellow collectors and see actual cards. 

The table below is a list of all these branches, plus the dates of their next meetings, and if you click on any name in column one their homepage / website will appear – complete with meeting places and times, local information, and a contact phone or email where enquiries can be made about joining or simply visiting that branch. At all events you will find new friends to swap stories and cards with. Some of the meetings are just an informal gathering for a few hours – others (marked on our calendar below with asterisks) are special events often with dealers, displays, and sometimes auctions. 

If you are planning on travelling a long distance to attend, always contact the branch to check last minute changes. This is especially important now we have started adding 2019 dates. 

Branch Name / weblink:OCTOBERNOVEMBERDECEMBERJanuary 2019
East Anglia20th17th8th
Hants &
Hants & Surrey14th ❇️11th 9th 13th ✳️
London18th ❇️19th20th
Midlandsno meeting16thno meeting
North East4thno meetingno meetingno meeting
North West19th16th21st
Nottingham & East Midlandsno meeting15thno meeting
Reading & District11th, 23rd8th, 27th13th10th, 22nd
Sussex21st25thno meeting
& Solent

7th4th ❇️2nd
Yorkshire7th ❇️4th2nd
Affiliated Clubs:
Lea Valley28th ❇️25thtbctbc

The following weblinks will take you to our Overseas Branches. Whilst travelling there in person may not be possible, a virtual visit is still entertaining. 

Our two Antipodean branches are both full websites already and can be found at:

Our South African homepage is a work in progress but we are starting to add a card gallery!



We regret that the following Branches are no longer in operation. However we add them here in fond memory of the pleasure they brought to so many collectors, that their rich histories might be preserved rather than forgotten, and in the hope that one day a local collector may read of their tales, and breathe of new life into their veins…

Cornwall Branch

West Country Branch

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