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Hants and Surrey – January 2019 Auction

In this Auction, 'the collection' again features items at Lots 6 - 71, including 4 with high catalogue values. One set, scarce as set, is catalogued at £1900, but is not that popular. What reserve can I give, when the cards are in VG condition. The vendor has decided on £650 as a reserve, and we shall see if this set is worth this in due time. 'The collection' also offers some sets from both Player and Wills which are offered at modest reserves, but in mostly as good condition as you can

Hants & Surrey Branch – July 2018 Auction

For a while, I have been compiling a 'Prices Realised' list. I have now decided that, as from now, I will no longer do this, as the amount of extra work is considerable. Sorry. Apologies also to those receiving the list through the post, as somehow, the Printing company managed to reproduce the Jan. 'Notes' sheet, not April. So, to repeat my note about stamps, if anyone receiving this list through the post wishes to send a few stamps to defray our costs, these would be very welcome. This is not

West Country

Our much missed West Country Branch was founded in 1973 by Peter Wood, newly moved to the area, who started off as both Club Secretary and Treasurer. Based in Somerset, the Branch met at various venues including Taunton, Bath, and latterly at The Conservative Club in Keynsham High Street, where meetings took place on Sundays from 2.00pm-5.00pm. Their annual rally was held at the Community Centre, in Yate, near Bristol.  Peter Wood retired as Secretary in 2006 and was deservedly made a Li

Welcome to South Africa

                    Please Contact :  Murray Morrison or write:  P.O.Box 22082, Fish Hoek, 2974, South Africa. We hope you enjoy visiting our South African Branch - in its virtual format. Our featured card is by Taddy & Co, one of the most famous and collectable issuers. This set is "Boer Leaders", issued in 1901.  Let's start our story of South African Cartophily with this link to the history of t

October 2017 – Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Priced Realised

*Prices Realised now added* From ‘the collection’ this time come Lots 14 – 56. Again, some quite scarce and some quite costly items. Among all these cards, only one do I describe as ‘Fair’, which illustrates the general condition from this collection. Two examples of scarcity are the 49/50 Roche Footballers in very nice condition, only missing the very scarce number 21. The other is the set plus 24 variations of the Duke set of folders, see Lot 34. This must surely be difficult to f