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April 2017 – Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Prices Realised

(Prices realised have now been added to the bottom of this page) Christmas is not usually the time for huge success in our auction – there is always the excuse(!)that there are too many other priorities at this time of year. However, our overall success was not much less than usual, with 480 bids being placed In this auction, I offer the following guide:- Lots 1-10 are offered at low reserves, as the Vendor just wants to sell Lots 16-64 are from ‘the collection’, offering var

Hants and Surrey – January 2017 Auction

I was asked this time by two new bidders whether or not they had to bid in multiples of £5. My reply was that I welcomed any bid, and many of you obtain lots because you do NOT bid in multiples of £5. I mention this because I had a classic example of bidding that extra pound, when on Lot 130 in Oct. I received five bids, ALL for £85. Once again, we had bids on a really good number of the Lots, and again at least two of you mentioned the fact that when they bid, they realised they would not

Updated Silk Handbook – Get your copy now!

The comprehensive and  popular  ‘Handbook of Worldwide Tobacco & Trade Silk Issues’ has  been revised and updated and the new soft cover reference book, as shown above, is now available for sale from the Cartophilic Society. In addition to the numerous updates there are many new entries of previously unrecorded silk issues with 27 additional  pages of  text and listings, 10% more than in the previous handbook. The new 365 page book also includes 2130 detailed

New Issues – July/August 2016

July/August New Issues by John Cahill ‘Bear Yo-Yo’s Time Travel Adventure It has come to my notice that there are quite a few varieties in this issue. There are colour changes, not just different print runs and alterations to the picture. I have shown both cards of number 30 the original with the severed head dripping with blood and the reprint with the leg of chicken. I assume they changed the picture after some complaints, not quite PC! Scan 004 Brioche Pasquier ‘Pitch’ ‘Team

July Hants & Surrey Branch Auction – Now Accepting Bids

Thank you to those who sent stamps for the next 4 auctions. We don’t have all the expenses of the Auction Houses, but a contribution is helpful. But we don’t hang around – Keith got through our 350 lots for April in a record 59 minutes! Not bad, especially when you think that with the Internet, bidding is about 120 lots an hours. At least no time to get bored. ‘The collection’ this time is listed at Lots 18–55. Not so much expensive material, but still some difficult to find offe