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Burns Night

Burns Night

Greetings to everyone who’s celebrating.

Just for that one night we showcased this fine card of Robert Burns on our slider section – but it will stay here for a short while in case you missed it. And look out for more special one night only’s “pop up” sliders throughout the coming year.

Now if you look really closely, especially at the reverse (which is on the right hand side) you will see that it is actually what is known as a “cut out”, in other words the actual bust folds forward and the reverse blue ground bends down and backwards so that just the 3D bust can be visible. A gimmick in its time, but we don’t advise you doing this to your cards today. Oddly, and perhaps pleasingly, you don’t find many cards from the cut out series which have been abused in this way.

If you are interested in these novelty “cut out” cards, check eBay and similar sites for other sets by Hignett and Ogden. They are fascinating.

If you collect Burns memorabilia he does appear in several sets of famous people, but may also in a whole set of Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale cards which feature characters from his greatest works.

These are very striking with their grey borders
(though it makes them hard to scan) and full colour.

have fun searching, and enjoy your collecting!

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