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Maj. Edward Wharton-Tigar MBE


So, what or who is Card World and what is the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain? Put simply, ‘Card World’ is the name of the official website and journal of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain (or CSGB as it’s often referred to by collectors). We thought it was about time we embraced the internet fully and so here we are and we hope you like what you see. We hope to stimulate discussion on all types of collectable cards if possible and not limit ourselves to certain periods or types of issue and so if there is something you want to talk about please just get in touch or register to use the forum and see what others have to say!

Before introducing ourselves it’s perhaps worth a quick note on ‘Cartophily’. This is the term used by many to refer to the hobby of collecting cards and by extension those that collect are referred to as Cartophilists (though in the 1930s we did see the term ‘Cartophilistines’ in use for a while!).

The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain has pioneered and developed the hobby of card collecting for over 75 years. Since its inception it has undertaken unrelenting research and provided card collectors with a wealth of reference material. Through its local branches and national convention it has cemented many enduring friendships; banded together card collectors throughout the world and we hope is helping to preserve a fascinating  hobby for generations to come. It is impossible here to pay tribute to all of those who have advanced the hobby as so many cartophilists have devoted their minds and unpaid time, but arguably none moreso than the late Colonel Charles Bagnall, Eric Gurd, Charles Bray, Miss L. De Magistris, Edward Wharton-Tigar and perhaps our most famous American member; Jefferson Burdick.

Cartophily was not always the unentangled, mature hobby now appreciated by thousands of card collectors. When Colonel Charles. L. Bagnall laid the foundation stone of Cartophily in the 1920’s, no records or organisations existed to help the collector. It was not until 1935 that the first card club was conceived in London. The Cameric Cigarette Card Club, as it was known, successfully attracted isolated collectors into forming a unique fellowship. The Cartophilic Society was formed in 1938 and in December 1964, the two movements amalgamated to become what we now know as ‘The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain’.

Col. Charles L. Bagnall DSO MC TD


For the benefit of all who appreciate and collect cards, the work of the Society will continue. There is still much ground to unearth and cards are being issued every day that we will research and record in our reference guides to aid current and future generations. This and much more, will be undertaken by the CSGB and we hope Card World will help our research as well as share some of it with the world.

Every collector interested in the welfare of card collecting is welcome to join the Society and contribute any card related articles. By joining, you will certainly derive greater pleasure from your hobby.

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